Kate and Danny were a great couple, their shared love of Dave Matthews Band, their wonderful sense humor (Kate has a great laugh!!) and their great love for family brought them together for what was an epic wedding and what we’re sure will be an even more epic marriage!
On an unseasonably chilly August day Kate and Danny took their vows in the Nantucket Historic Association’s own Hadwen House garden.  The sun shone down during an intimate and family focused ceremony and just after the couple said “I do” a light summer shower began. Great_Harbor_Yacht_Club_Nantucket-09

They say it is good luck for rain on one’s wedding day… it’s supposedly a sign of fertility… another story is that it is harder to untie a wet knot than a dry one… whatever the tale we know that this union will be blessed with happiness for years to come!

The shower passed quickly and our wedding party made their way to Great Harbor Yacht Club for a celebration for the ages.  They ate, they drank, they had some extraordinarily memorable toasts (Kate’s brother’s speech didn’t leave a dry eye!), and Lord did they dance!

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