Last summer we were honored to be asked to assist with the wedding of a very special couple- the Holidays for Heroes organization reached out to Nantucket Island Events to help give Christy and Jeff the wedding that they never had an opportunity to have before. We both have family who have previously, and currently are, serving this country and taking care of our troops and their families is something that NIE feels passionately about.

Jeff and Christy wed just before Jeff shipped out to Iraq, while their wedding day is one that they look back upon fondly it was not the big white wedding that they had both hoped for. Fast forward a number of years and Jeff and Christy had struggled through more hardships that anyone should ever have to.  Numerous injuries which eventually lead to Jeff’s medical discharge were made even more tragic by the death of their first child.  Jeff wears his North Carolina cap as a reminder of the day his young son reached up and touched it, shortly thereafter he was gone.

When Christy and Jeff were invited to participate in one of Holidays for Heroes Nantucket vacations, Christy knew the time was ripe to give Jeff that big white wedding they had both dreamed of.  On a foggy day in July Christy arrived at Brant Point Lighthouse in a beautiful white dress and walked over sandy dunes to meet her husband for a surprise ceremony.  Surrounded by friends and their sweet daughter Jeff and Christy renewed their vows, and it was wonderful!

As is so often the case the Nantucket community rallied to the call and helped out where they could.  These stunning photographs are the work of the always talented Katie Kaizer Photography, hair and makeup the work of Darya Salon, the beautiful bouquet and flowers by Flowers on Chestnut and the prompt transport by Cranberry Transportation and Nantucket’s own Coast Guard Cutter.  That evening Jeff and Christy shared a romantic dinner for two at that iconic Galley Beach corner table- it was one of the summer’s most stunning sunsets!  All services were donated completely free of charge as everyone felt very strongly that it was the least we could do for this amazing family.

I will cherish that memory and I know Christy and Jeff will too.  It was truly one of those days that makes us recognize how very blessed we all are to have everything that we have, and it also reminded us of how grateful we need to be to the men and women who fight to keep our way of life strong.  A big thank you to Christy and Jeff and all of America’s  servicemen and women and the families that stand by them- we wish that we could do more.





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