This one was a FUN one! Just going back through these images made me smile. Every once in a while you get a wedding where the families, the bridal party AND the couple are all just a riot… this was one of them!
HayesW-0016From the beginning of the planning process I liked Colleen and Conner, our weekly calls were always entertaining and their visits to the island were filled with smiles and laughs.  The weekend of the wedding arrived and the gals at NIE were pleased to discover that their guests and families were just as kind and fun loving as they were… I suppose that’s usually the way these things work out.

We had a wonderful team of vendors, and the weather gods blessed us with one of those breathtakingly beautiful late summer days


Our bride and groom looked wonderful, Flowers on Chestnut outdid themselves, there wasn’t a dry eye during Dad’s speech (sibling speeches killed it too!) and the party was a HUGE hit!… Oh and did I mention that one or two Bud Lights were consumed?!


Click here for the full link to Colleen and Conner’s wedding photos- thank you both for letting us be part of your celebrations, we’ll always look back on it fondly!