This one was a FUN one! Just going back through these images made me smile. Every once in a while you get a wedding where the families, the bridal party AND the couple are all just a riot… this was one of them!
HayesW-0016From the beginning of the planning process I liked Colleen and Conner, our weekly calls were always entertaining and their visits to the island were filled with smiles and laughs.  The weekend of the wedding arrived and the gals at NIE were pleased to discover that their guests and families were just as kind and fun loving as they were… I suppose that’s usually the way these things work out.

We had a wonderful team of vendors, and the weather gods blessed us with one of those breathtakingly beautiful late summer days


Our bride and groom looked wonderful, Flowers on Chestnut outdid themselves, there wasn’t a dry eye during Dad’s speech (sibling speeches killed it too!) and the party was a HUGE hit!… Oh and did I mention that one or two Bud Lights were consumed?!


Click here for the full link to Colleen and Conner’s wedding photos- thank you both for letting us be part of your celebrations, we’ll always look back on it fondly!


So imagine my surprise, and delight, when I went to the mailbox yesterday and had a care package from one of our favorite videographers!!  Meg Simone, that fun and fabulous White Mountain gal, was kind and thoughtful enough to send us some maple syrup from her neighbor’s farm… Husband and I are constantly arguing the merits of VT maple syrup versus NY maple syrup… this NH is our perfect compromise, and oh so tasty!!

But I digress, you don’t need to hear about our “pancakes for dinner” adventures… this most thoughtful gift had us thinking back fondly to some of our weddings with the talented Meg Simone.  We thought these Nantucket nuptials would be the perfect #throwbackthursday post for this week!

Ashley and Jake were married at Great Harbor Yacht Club in a stunning September affair!  Clayton Austin Photography, Flowers on Chestnut, Meg Simone and many other talented folks worked together on this vintage style wedding… the sparkling silver with the pale greens and whites played beautifully against the shimmery champagne hues of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

*Fun side note, the MOH is another old client and the founder of Riley & Grey, a great wedding website designer!

It was a wonderful celebration… the bride and groom were kind, and fun and fabulous, their guests were a riot, the band rocked out (the groom and his brother even got up to jam a couple of songs!!!), was definitely one for the books!


Click here to see Meg’s wonderful video, and click here to see the full portfolio from Clayton!  Congrats again Ashley & Jake, we loved sharing in your special day!


Kate and Danny were a great couple, their shared love of Dave Matthews Band, their wonderful sense humor (Kate has a great laugh!!) and their great love for family brought them together for what was an epic wedding and what we’re sure will be an even more epic marriage!
On an unseasonably chilly August day Kate and Danny took their vows in the Nantucket Historic Association’s own Hadwen House garden.  The sun shone down during an intimate and family focused ceremony and just after the couple said “I do” a light summer shower began. Great_Harbor_Yacht_Club_Nantucket-09

They say it is good luck for rain on one’s wedding day… it’s supposedly a sign of fertility… another story is that it is harder to untie a wet knot than a dry one… whatever the tale we know that this union will be blessed with happiness for years to come!

The shower passed quickly and our wedding party made their way to Great Harbor Yacht Club for a celebration for the ages.  They ate, they drank, they had some extraordinarily memorable toasts (Kate’s brother’s speech didn’t leave a dry eye!), and Lord did they dance!

Click here to see all of Zofia & Co.’s great shots of this happy day!

Molly & Mike were one of our favorite couples, and one of our favorite love stories!
Despite both attending Duke University undergrad, at the same time, it wasn’t until they were both living in NYC that they met and fell in love! At their Friday night Welcome Reception some of Molly’s girlfriends gave a speech laying out all of the times in college that Mike and Molly could have met… they attended the same parties, lived on the same block, they were even in the same limo one New Years Eve!… Truly one of those real life “Rom Com” stories!
Great Harbor Yacht Club played host to both ceremony and reception; the gals at Soiree Floral gussied up the place and the always talented Zofia & Co. captured all of the beauty.
The guests danced the night away and in a throwback to their youth we ended the evening with glow necklaces… it got a bit silly, everyone was having a blast!
For full coverage of these Nantucket nuptials click here!

I was recently a guest at a wedding and realized just how many things we do for our brides, without even thinking about it, that help to make the day go by smoothly. Our team members each have a rolling suitcase (our “bride kits”) packed with everything from scotch tape to bug spray, cell phone chargers to pantyhose and pretty much everything in between- one of the many benefits of working with a planner is we are there to anticipate the unexpected and insure that the inevitable “bumps” of a wedding day do not turn in to major catastrophes… weddings are high emotion, little things turn into big things quickly without a calm voice of reason… but we digress…

If you’re working with a good planner this should be taken care of for you, but if you’re going it alone a well stocked bride kit is something that you will find to be invaluable. Here are a couple of tips for stocking your bride kit:

1. Sit down and give this some thought WELL before the wedding. The week of the wedding your mind will be in a million places and you will over look obvious things. Sit down a month out and make a list, then keep that list in a handy place so over the following weeks when you think of something you can jot it down before it pops out of your head.

2. Think through your day in chronological order, will you be back at your house after the salon? If not are you wearing (or do you have) the proper undergarments?… can’t tell you how many times that strapless bra gets left tucked in a drawer. Depending on how many places you’ll be it may make sense to pack “sub bags” within your big bag- what will you need at the salon? what will you need at the getting ready house or hotel? what will you need at the ceremony (right before and right after)? (HINT- lip gloss and deodorant are big here). Once you get to the reception site what will you need? A change of shoes for dancing? Cool breeze wrap or shrug? Fresh undies? (sound unnecessary? Better to have them and not use them than the other way around)
Another important “sub bag” is the next morning attire- if you’re going right from the reception to a hotel you’ll want to make sure to pack a change of clothes for the next morning… while it’s a far cry from a “walk of shame”, leaving a hotel at 11:00 AM in your wrinkled wedding dress is not an ideal exit…

3. Think travel size whenever possible… as you may be realizing this bag is going to be stocked… if you can avoid bringing your Costco size moisturizer, please, do so. Toothbrush (assume your groom will forget his), toothpaste, deodorant, all of these are available at your local drug store in travel sizes. Advil, Tums, bandaids, all things we hope you won’t need, but again better safe than sorry.

4. Take care of that dress! Have a mending kit, safety pins (those bustles are a bitch and the thin strings and tiny buttons often don’t hold up to your boogie down dance moves), scotch guard, double sided tape, white chalk (amazing the things this can cover up), lint brush… also, if you’re changing, bring the bag and hanger that your dress came on, this way it can be wrapped up safely rather than rolled into a bag.

5. Designate someone to be your bag lady; if you’re working with a planner this is her/him, if not your MOH, sister, cousin, mom, BFF… someone that is going to be with you throughout the whole day, and will love you despite lugging all of your crap around all day. Make sure they familiarize themselves with where things are so when you call for your Ruby Red Lip Gloss or your emergency panties they can get them to you quickly (and quietly).

6. MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!! This isn’t really a “bride kit” item, but always worth reminding about. Remember, the beach themed gift bags, the super cute signature drink signs from Etsy, the Gatsby style cocktail hour trio, and your Pinterest inspired Photo Booth/escort table/guest book… all of those details you’ve obsessed over for the last months, they’re all for naught if you don’t cross your “t”s and dot your “i”s on the important part. We highly recommend bringing this to the rehearsal and giving it to your officiant then, this way it is crossed off your list and you can focus on the fun stuff!

I had a dear friend who used to remind me of the importance of the 7 “p”s… “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”… as with life so is wedding prep… hopefully your day will be full of sunshine and roses and you never need a single thing, but I promise you that the knowledge that you have it if you need it will make you feel calm and comfortable and aid in creating that fun and carefree day you’re aiming for.
Happy Planning!

Last summer we were honored to be asked to assist with the wedding of a very special couple- the Holidays for Heroes organization reached out to Nantucket Island Events to help give Christy and Jeff the wedding that they never had an opportunity to have before. We both have family who have previously, and currently are, serving this country and taking care of our troops and their families is something that NIE feels passionately about.

Jeff and Christy wed just before Jeff shipped out to Iraq, while their wedding day is one that they look back upon fondly it was not the big white wedding that they had both hoped for. Fast forward a number of years and Jeff and Christy had struggled through more hardships that anyone should ever have to.  Numerous injuries which eventually lead to Jeff’s medical discharge were made even more tragic by the death of their first child.  Jeff wears his North Carolina cap as a reminder of the day his young son reached up and touched it, shortly thereafter he was gone.

When Christy and Jeff were invited to participate in one of Holidays for Heroes Nantucket vacations, Christy knew the time was ripe to give Jeff that big white wedding they had both dreamed of.  On a foggy day in July Christy arrived at Brant Point Lighthouse in a beautiful white dress and walked over sandy dunes to meet her husband for a surprise ceremony.  Surrounded by friends and their sweet daughter Jeff and Christy renewed their vows, and it was wonderful!

As is so often the case the Nantucket community rallied to the call and helped out where they could.  These stunning photographs are the work of the always talented Katie Kaizer Photography, hair and makeup the work of Darya Salon, the beautiful bouquet and flowers by Flowers on Chestnut and the prompt transport by Cranberry Transportation and Nantucket’s own Coast Guard Cutter.  That evening Jeff and Christy shared a romantic dinner for two at that iconic Galley Beach corner table- it was one of the summer’s most stunning sunsets!  All services were donated completely free of charge as everyone felt very strongly that it was the least we could do for this amazing family.

I will cherish that memory and I know Christy and Jeff will too.  It was truly one of those days that makes us recognize how very blessed we all are to have everything that we have, and it also reminded us of how grateful we need to be to the men and women who fight to keep our way of life strong.  A big thank you to Christy and Jeff and all of America’s  servicemen and women and the families that stand by them- we wish that we could do more.





Click here to see the full collection of photos from that wonderful day.


Private home weddings… many of our clients desire the intimacy of an event like this, but fear the logistics involved in “creating your own venue”. While it’s true that there are a myriad of additional details involved in this, with the right team in place it can be just as seamless and worry free as hosting an event at a more traditional venue.
Whether a family home, or one rented just for the occasion, hosting at a private residence allows you the flexibility to truly craft a vision that is unique to you and your beau. From the tent to the flowers, the layout to the landscaping and the menu to the bar offerings, a private home lets you design a totally custom event based around what you and your Mr. (or Mrs.) Right want for your special day! The art is truly in the details and a private home offers so many options for fun and creative customized touches.
Here are some images from one of our favorite private home soirees. This couple (who we just adore!) held their ceremony and reception at the bride’s family home in Wauwinet- adding these special wedding memories to a home that already held so many wonderful memories of family and friends could not have been a better fit! The groom’s family stayed in a private home just down the beach and the whole week felt like a big and wonderful family vacation… with a killer party thrown in the mix! Sophie and James envisioned an intimate dinner party with their loved ones, a vision which we brought to life with long Tuscan style tables and a colorful array of family style dishes (served by the oh so talented Nantucket Catering Co.)
If the idea a private home wedding speaks to you, we would encourage you to get a great team together (NIE would love to be a part of it!), build a vision and then move forward full steam ahead! Happy Planning!
_H4C0043Sophie and James_H4C0510Sophie and James_H4C0174Sophie and James_H4C0940Sophie and James
Click here for more of Genevieve de Manio‘s beautiful photos of Sophie and James’ Nantucket wedding.

Thrilled to see one of our favorite couples featured in one of our favorite publications.  The most recent edition of Well Wed showcases Julia and Jeff’s September 2013 wedding at Nantucket Yacht Club.

This wedding brought together a truly talented group of vendors; we were lucky enough to work with the folks from Soiree Floral, Placesetters, Westmoor Club, Nantucket Yacht Club, Event Resource Group, Sultans of Swing and many more!  These photos are just a taste of the wonderful work done by Brea McDonald Photography– for a full look at this super cute couple click here.

The town of Nantucket gave Graham and Catherine a special wedding gift- the Fourth of July Fireworks show was pushed back and night due to fog and as a result our bride, groom and all of their guests got to enjoy a private show from the roof top of Nantucket’s Whaling Museum.  It was a special treat that all of Graham and Catherine’s guests are sure to remember for years to come!


Following their fun filled “All American BBQ” rehearsal dinner; Graham and Catherine moved the show out to Sconset for an intimate ceremony at The Sconset Chapel, followed by a reception at a private home in Tom Nevers.  The band rocked the tent into the wee hours of the night… they ate and drank and danced… and danced some more… and lived happily ever after!


For more of Zofia & Co.’s coverage of this event, click here.
















Where do you find comedians, drag queens, fire throwers, dancing, drinks and an auction all in one night?… only Nantucket AIDs Network‘s annual GALA brings all of this fabulousness to one party!… and oh what a party it was!…

To celebrate our 2012 Gala, the NAN board opted to play up the Mayan Calendar with a “Call of the Mayans” themed fiesta…  hence the flame throwers, handsome Mayan warriors and the jungle like transformation of Nantucket Inn (you wouldn’t have even recognized Mom’s Diner!)

Nantucket Catering Co., Nantucket Inn, Event Resource Group, Tony V, Peppermint, Nantucket Party Rentals, Flowers on Chestnut, and all of our loyal volunteers helped to once again make this event, not only just a fabulous party, but a huge success for one of Nantucket’s most important non-profit organizations.

Click HERE for all of Rachel Fabiszak‘s photos of this year’s Nantucket AIDs Network’s Gala

As summer wrapped up on our island paradise Nantucket Island Events did one final August event, and oh what an event it was! Kevin and Carol invited friends and family to Nantucket to celebrate their wedding with a three day celebration!

Beginning with a Welcome Reception at Kevin and Carol’s home overlooking Nantucket Harbor… We then moved on to a bridal brunch at Nantucket’s very own Galley Beach… our home away from home! Saturday night was at Nantucket’s hot new venue, The Dreamland, with stunning harbor views. The whole weekend was capped off with a fabulous party at Sankaty golf club… we ate and drank and danced… and danced and danced…

Thank you to Lisa Frey of Nantucket Event Media for these lovely images! And to all of our other vendors… Billy Voss Productions, Nantucket Catering Co., Placesetters, Nantucket Tents, Flowers on Chestnut, Dreamland, Sankaty Golf Club and Nantucket Party Rentals.

Click HERE for more photos of Kevin and Carol’s wedding weekend.