Private home weddings… many of our clients desire the intimacy of an event like this, but fear the logistics involved in “creating your own venue”. While it’s true that there are a myriad of additional details involved in this, with the right team in place it can be just as seamless and worry free as hosting an event at a more traditional venue.
Whether a family home, or one rented just for the occasion, hosting at a private residence allows you the flexibility to truly craft a vision that is unique to you and your beau. From the tent to the flowers, the layout to the landscaping and the menu to the bar offerings, a private home lets you design a totally custom event based around what you and your Mr. (or Mrs.) Right want for your special day! The art is truly in the details and a private home offers so many options for fun and creative customized touches.
Here are some images from one of our favorite private home soirees. This couple (who we just adore!) held their ceremony and reception at the bride’s family home in Wauwinet- adding these special wedding memories to a home that already held so many wonderful memories of family and friends could not have been a better fit! The groom’s family stayed in a private home just down the beach and the whole week felt like a big and wonderful family vacation… with a killer party thrown in the mix! Sophie and James envisioned an intimate dinner party with their loved ones, a vision which we brought to life with long Tuscan style tables and a colorful array of family style dishes (served by the oh so talented Nantucket Catering Co.)
If the idea a private home wedding speaks to you, we would encourage you to get a great team together (NIE would love to be a part of it!), build a vision and then move forward full steam ahead! Happy Planning!
_H4C0043Sophie and James_H4C0510Sophie and James_H4C0174Sophie and James_H4C0940Sophie and James
Click here for more of Genevieve de Manio‘s beautiful photos of Sophie and James’ Nantucket wedding.

Thrilled to see one of our favorite couples featured in one of our favorite publications.  The most recent edition of Well Wed showcases Julia and Jeff’s September 2013 wedding at Nantucket Yacht Club.

This wedding brought together a truly talented group of vendors; we were lucky enough to work with the folks from Soiree Floral, Placesetters, Westmoor Club, Nantucket Yacht Club, Event Resource Group, Sultans of Swing and many more!  These photos are just a taste of the wonderful work done by Brea McDonald Photography– for a full look at this super cute couple click here.